EU to review “safe harbor” data privacy rule for U.S. companies

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EU safe harbor 2

 “Your data is safe because WE self-certify!!”

23 July 2013 – The EU has begun a review of a key provision in its data protection rules that U.S. companies have relied on to move data across borders without European oversight, in a sign of more fallout from the spying scandal sparked by Edward Snowden. At a workshop in Brussels last Friday, Viviane Reding (the EU commissioner overseeing data protection) said that her office had…



By: Gregory P. Bufithis, Esq.  (CEO) and Eric De Grasse (Chief Technology Officer).  

10 June 2013 – Wow. So George Orwell and Philip K. Dick were right: “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type” (quoting Glenn Greenwald, the blogger who revealed the existence of PRISM as leaked to him by Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former C.I.A. computer technician). Although what immediately came to mind was the 1998 movie “Enemy

13 March 2013-  Social media sites have been rocking with the news from the University of Cambridge report on Facebook. In one of the biggest studies of its kind, scientists from the university’s psychometrics team and a Microsoft-funded research center analyzed data from 58,000 Facebook users to predict traits and other information that were not provided in their profiles. In short, research showed that intimate personal attributes can be predicted with high levels of accuracy…

Twitter launches transparency report site on Data Privacy Day

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28 January 2013- In the spirit of an open and safe internet – and to mark international Data Privacy Day, a day focused on raising awareness and promoting data privacy education – Twitter has released its second ever transparency report with a dedicated website.

The first Twitter Transparency Report was released last July and consisted of six months of data on government requests seeking user information, government requests to withhold content, and complaints

Court throws out Kerviel’s SocGen appeal

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Reported by:  Darius Champion and Gregory P. Bufithis

24 October 2012 -  Jérôme Kerviel’s attempt to overturn a prison sentence was thrown out of court today after a Paris judge rejected the former Société Générale trader’s appeal.  Mireille Filippini, the Paris court judge, upheld the rogue trader’s 2010 five-year sentence — three years in prison and two suspended — and ordered him…

Those pesky Europeans want to protect their data. Imagine.

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23 January 2012 -  This week (January 25, 26 and 27) Brussels will be host to the 5th International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP 2012).  And the timing could not be better.  The European Commission will on Wednesday propose far-reaching changes to rules dictating how companies handle any personal information, the first time EU regulations first crafted in 1995 are updated. The proposals will impose a single set of privacy standards in the EU’s 27…

31 January 2011 -  According to its mission statement, the annual conference “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection” in Brussels aims to create a bridge between policy makers, academics, practitioners and activists, and aims to become Europe’s most important forum for the discussion of data protection and privacy issues.  The theme of the conference this year was “European Data Protection: In Good Health?” and the first day of the three day conference was indeed entirely devoted to…

18 January 2011 — The European Data Protection Supervisor, Peter Hustinx, has issued an opinion in response to  the Commission’s Communication regarding the “Review of the Data Protection Legal Framework” .  Hustinx agrees with the Commission that a review of the present legal framework for data protection in the EU is necessary in order to ensure effective protection in a further developing information society.  On the other hand, Hustinx believes that a more ambitious approach than the one proposed by…