20 December 2011– The global economic crisis created a wave of legislation designed to mitigate risk and protect the financial system from shocks.    This in turn has transformed the relationship between regulators and regulated.   And that just concerns financial regulation.   The surge in regulation across all industries and business models is driving people … well, nuts.   Just taking the health sciences industry as another example, regulation and compliance are a way of life.  It governs the entire product life-cycle –…

The Masters Conference: our wrap-up

Posted on October 26th, 2009 by admin

Masters Conference 2009 with dates

26 October 2009

We agree with Brett Burney’s observation:  vendors at the Masters Conference seemed to emphasize a general lean towards the “left side”” of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.    For Brett’s full post click here .

And it was the same at the ACC Annual meeting.  The seminars and presenters (and the attendees) repeated the same theme:  how do we, as in-house counsel, manage our endless streams of digital data?  It was more than…