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Apple tax bill


18 January 2016 – Apple is bracing for the mother of all tax bills as leaks from Brussels suggest it could ask the fruity cargo cult to pay $8 billion.

The  European Commission has been investigating Apple’s tax policies, and Matt Larson of Bloomberg Intelligence said that it could demand Apple pay back $8 billion.  Apple of course will drag things out with a long legal battle because it insists…

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Gold fixing 

27 August 2015 – The European Commission has confirmed that it is investigating potential anti-competitive behavior by some of the world’s biggest banks in the trading of precious metals.

The Commission did not give any additional information about the case but it is thought to have been instigated by a similar investigation in the US. The Department of Justice is looking into 10 banks for allegedly manipulating the prices of precious metals such as gold and

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Uber Paris


By: Gregory P Bufithis


26 June 2015 – French taxi drivers have been warning for months to anyone willing to listen that their frustration over wildcat competition from Uber and similar ride-sharing services had reached a tipping point, and they weren’t going to stand for it any longer.

It turns out they weren’t kidding.

Yesterday taxi drivers’ brewing hatred for…

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By: Catarnia Conti


24 June 2015I started meditation practice about 10 years when I was in the Greek islands for a holiday. The purpose of meditation is neither to make one blissfully detached nor to enable one to silently suffer a dehumanizing existence.  The purpose is to open up an inner space that allows one to be more fully human and engaged in all of the areas of one’s life and

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Margrethe Vestager, EU DG COMP Google antitrust

 Margrethe Vestager, European competition commissioner



23 June 2015 – Last week the European Commission sent a redacted version of its charge sheet against Google to more than six parties that complained that the Internet giant discriminated against them in ranking shopping searches.

The document, which runs to about 120 pages according to people who have received it, will eventually go out to the roughly 20 companies and organizations, including Microsoft, Yelp, and the consumer…

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By Guest Contributor:
Gregory P. Bufithis, Esq.
Managing Director
eTERA Consulting Europe

30 May 2015 - The factual backdrop to this affair is well-known. FIFA, world football’s governing body has, for a number of years, been the subject of allegations of corruption.  Then, after a series of dawn raids on 27 May 2015, seven FIFA officials, of various nationalities, the most famous being Jack Warner, the…

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Big Data’s Big Impact In Financial Investigations

Posted on May 29th, 2015 by projectcounsel

Cash in suitcase

From law360.com

28 May 2015 - While the banking system is one of the main vehicles for moving dirty money, it is not the only one. Trade-based money laundering (TBML), the use of international trade to move value across borders in the form of goods or commodities and disguise the illicit origins of the criminal proceeds, remains a common way for money launderers to move billions in illicit “funds” across borders. Detecting trade-based money laundering poses a…

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In house or outsource

28 May 2015 - Despite the emergence of a wide array of outside vendors, the majority of law firms continue to handle e-discovery matters in-house and rank continued investment in e-discovery processes among their top priorities for the coming year, according to a survey released yesterday.

Seventy-one percent of firms say their e-discovery spending remains a medium or high priority, and 93 percent say the investment in e-discovery work has paid off with revenue that has…

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Learning about U.S. constitutional law with “Star Wars”

Posted on May 20th, 2015 by projectcounsel

Star Wars I am your father


20 May 2015 – In an upcoming paper for the Michigan Law Review, scholar Cass Sunstein draws on Star Wars to make a couple key points about how constitutional law evolves. He writes:

“Human beings often see coherence and planned design when neither exists. This is so in movies, literature, history, economics, and psychoanalysis—and constitutional law. Contrary to the repeated claims of George Lucas, its principal author, the Star Wars series was hardly planned in advance; it involved a great deal of improvisation

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Norton Rose logo

16 May 2015 - Norton Rose Fulbright’s 2015 Litigation Trends Annual Survey … its largest so far, with 803 participants working for companies headquartered in 26 countries worldwide … was released this past Thursday (link below).

For the e-discovery ecosystem, it is chock-a-block with interesting stats. More than half of general counsels say that they are now using technology-assisted review in conducting discovery with most of them clustered in the life sciences and healthcare…

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